The dsu market food box

The DSU Market offers a pre-ordered food box program, where customers can order their box by 10am on Thursday for the following Tuesday. The box features approximately 13-16 pounds of seasonal produce, each week showcasing a different mix of beautiful, local produce. The boxes come in two sizes, either $12 or $20 each and are available for pick-up at the Studley Campus Student Union Building.

Many of our customers find the $20 box to be the perfect amount of food for one week, while others find its just right when shared between two/three people. 

Arrangements for Food Boxes can be made for recurring weekly or bi-weekly orderers, or they can be ordered on a week-by-week basis. 

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How to Order a food box

To order a Food Box, please select the size and pick-up location, then select Add to Cart on the form below. You have the ability to pay directly with your Credit Card or via PayPal. If you would like to order a box and prefer not to use a Credit Card or Paypal, please see our Payment Options page below. 

Want to order boxes for multiple weeks in advance? Please select 'Multiple Dates' and our team will reach out to you to clarify via email. Thank you!

Pick-Up Locations

Student Union Building
Studley Campus
6136 University Ave

PICKUP: 10:30AM until 6:30PM

Sexton Campus
Alumni Lounge, B Building
1360 Barrington St.
PICKUP: 11AM until 2:00PM

food box orders are finished for the 2016-2017 school year.

Check back later in the summer for updates and ordering!

frequently asked questions

What if it's too much food for me to eat in one week?

The DSU Market Food Box program runs two sizes - Regular Food Box ($20) or the Food Box Mini ($12). As a subscriber, you are not locked in for a weekly purchase. You may decide to purchase weekly, biweekly or monthly. 

Is it the same produce in Food Box each week? 

Each week features a different mix of fresh, seasonal produce, although you will usually find some staples, such as apples, carrots, potatoes, onions and a green of some sort. 

Can I specify what I want in my Food Box? 

The contents of the Food Box is pre-set, and due to the large number of orders, we can't accommodate custom orders. We are sometimes able to accommodate dietary restrictions, such as allergies. You can contact to find out more. 

Payment Options

We have multiple payment options available for Food Boxes. The deadline for ordering a Food Box is 10am on Thursdays for a Food Box the following Tuesday. Sometimes we have extra Food Boxes available and you can be notified via our mailing list.

1) At the Studley Markets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we can accept Cash, Credit or Debit
2) At the Sexton Market on Wednesdays we can accept Cash and Credit (unfortunately no debit!)
3) Online via your Credit Card or Paypal
4) Cash, Credit and Debit can be accepted in person at the DSU Accounting Office, please contact to arrange for this